Recently there has been news about another timeshare scheme that the Better Business Bureau is cautioning timeshare owners about. Allegedly, a company called Financial Enterprises Three has been using deceptive sales strategies to fool timeshare sellers into purchasing their services. Many time shareowners have recently fallen for this plan and have reported them to the BBB. 

The scheme involves members convincing timeshare owners into sending outa cashier's check for the legal services they are going to provide. However, this address is presently unused and hasn't been for many years. Allegedly, the BBB has discovered another company called Financial Advantage Resources who supplies the same "services" as Financial Enterprises 3 and has matching internet sites. 

The Better Business Bureau warns timeshare owners to be weary of corporations who ask for an front-loaded charge for their services. Many of these companies end up being stings. To truly become timeshare free, Transfer Smart is a great firm to consider. They have already helped thousands of timeshare owners lose their timeshare and they're still continuing to do so today.



Barbara Dixon
08/24/2012 5:48am

Hi, after reading your positive remarks regarding transfer smart I would like to let you know my negative experience so far with this company. In Feb 2011 I gave this company 4,000 dollars to get rid of my timeshare. As of this date 8/23/12 I am still waiting to be released from the timeshare. I have had nothing but excuses from most of the employees that I spoke with. So far, my deed has been sent to Diamond 3 times with excuses that something was wrong with the papserwork each time it was sent. The last time which was in July they are telling me the deed was put in my sons name. I find this hard to beleive since they were never given any information regarding my son and would not know his name. It has beena nightmare. I received late notices for timeshare maintenance fees that took me months to get paid from Transfer Smart. If someone could please give me some insight of how I go about getting this company to do what they promised me 18 months ago. I would greatly appreciate it. this process was only suppose to take a few months and I am now working on 2 years and still own this timeshare. I am seeking legal help if this matter is not resolved soon. I am desperate and do not think it is fair that they took my money and I have not been given what they promised. I am looking for some direction and would like to here from some customers that have been satified with this company and how long it took them to get rid of their timeshare. Please help me?


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