Timeshare promotional events are important for timeshare companies and sales agents. Most time shareowners today bought their packages during events like this. Unfortunately, a few of them are now short of timeshare relief. 

Time Share Promotion Dialogues 

During time shareshows, the sales agents present their featured resorts. They lay down all of the positive side of buying a time sharefrom its being an accessible holiday option to its being an investment. They also mention the owners can opt to go to other time shareresorts by availing of timeshare exchange. They tell them all benefits of buying the package instead of choosing other holiday options like vacation rentals. 

The Promotional Invitation 

Most people who get to take part in these timeshare events find out about it thru calls. Some telemarketers call up potential purchasers to ask them to join the event and they are further enticed with gifts, one of which is a couple of days stay in the featured resort. A few of the people get attracted by these presents and make a decision to go to the presentation. Most refuse the invitation, in particular those who know what occurs in a timeshare sales show. Others who initially decline gets to take part in a sales show because they are already annoyed by the quantity of calls they receive from the telemarketers. One thing is sure, time share staff do not usually accept no for an answer. 

The Convincing in the Presentation 

The persuasiveness of timeshare folks do not end with the call. It is more evident in the timeshare presentation itself. These shows are with the sole point of getting people to buy timeshares. The sales agents present during the promotional event don't typically allow a participator to go out of the event without a timeshare in hand. Participants are more like a caught market because they are counted as purchasers. The sales agents do each plan they know to make each participant buy a vacation package. 

Getting out of the Display without an unneeded Timeshare 

The only real way you can go out of the event without a time shareis if you show them you are firm in your resolve not to buy a package. Be very bold in your decision especially if you're not financially prepared to take on the responsibility. Having a timeshare means having the money responsibility that is a component of the time sharecontract. If you will not be able to say no way to the sales agent if you really can't afford it yet, how much more do you actually think are you able to sell it away by the point you want to lose your time share. Transfer Smart is one of the best ways to get rid of your timeshare. They have helped many timeshare owners escape and they can help you too. 
Transfer Smart reports on timeshares. Due to the vacation season many timeshare owners are trying to get rid of their timeshares straight away. Many hope the money they save from selling their timeshare will help them thru the season. But in the world today, shady business practices can be found everywhere. An article on PRLeap shows that. 

Timeshare owners around the planet are approached each day by setups who make an effort to sell them their services through the phone. These firms will do whatever is required to convince timeshare owners to make an upfront payment for an empty promise. Telemarketers are highly talented in convincing these owners that there is a buyer waiting to buy their timeshare, but they have to make a small payment first for the data to be given. It isn't till later that the owners notice that they've been scammed and the company / organisation has totally disappeared. 

From the other viewpoint, recently, timeshare owners have been informed about the various methods fraudsters use to make a few bucks and are not as easily fooled as they were before. Timeshare owners have learned how to research a company before stumping up for their services. 

One big issue for fraudsters and shysters is that they have no credibility because they do not have an estate broker's license. They would also lack the capability to acquire one because of their inferior past. As a result of this, fraudsters have taken their efforts to fresh heights. They are now posing as imposters by utilizing the names of licensed, credible timeshare resale brokers. The imposter ( con-man ) will push the timeshare owner into checking for themselves the validity of the company while they're on the phone. By employing this strategy, they have convinced timeshare owners that making an upfront charge is obligatory in order to get their timeshare sold. 
Recently there has been news about another timeshare scheme that the Better Business Bureau is cautioning timeshare owners about. Allegedly, a company called Financial Enterprises Three has been using deceptive sales strategies to fool timeshare sellers into purchasing their services. Many time shareowners have recently fallen for this plan and have reported them to the BBB. 

The scheme involves members convincing timeshare owners into sending outa cashier's check for the legal services they are going to provide. However, this address is presently unused and hasn't been for many years. Allegedly, the BBB has discovered another company called Financial Advantage Resources who supplies the same "services" as Financial Enterprises 3 and has matching internet sites. 

The Better Business Bureau warns timeshare owners to be weary of corporations who ask for an front-loaded charge for their services. Many of these companies end up being stings. To truly become timeshare free, Transfer Smart is a great firm to consider. They have already helped thousands of timeshare owners lose their timeshare and they're still continuing to do so today.

While vacationing in Mazatlan, a couple was seduced into purchasing a timeshare and paid $10,000 to get their timeshare in a prime location. They were promised a rebate of $6,000 but after waiting, it never came. Catharine Raig and her husband, John Garvey, had no idea they were scammed until they returned from their vacation and looked over the contract. The representative who helped them stated that they would have two weeks at the timeshare resort verbally but it was not stated in the contract. In addition, they also realized, shamefully, that they did not even read the contract before signing it.

Raig commented, “They tell you right at the beginning if you don't sign this deal is off. That's what they tell you. You can't take it home, look it over and then come back.”

After trying to reach the company multiple times with no answer, the couple looked up the company online. The Residents Club La Jolla had dozens of unhappy customers and bad reviews. The BBB has warned timeshare owners to be weary of high promises and deals high pressure sales. Make sure to take your time reading through the contract and never bend to purchasing a deal on the spot. Transfer Smart is a company dedicated in helping timeshare owners out of their timeshare. They have already helped hundreds of people, so give them a call and see what they can do for you. 

Spirit Airlines has decided to raise its fees for carry-on luggage. These fees will vary from $45 to $100, which is a lot compared to other airlines who offer this service for free. Spirit Airlines stated on their website that the new fees will start November 6 and until that time the carry-on fee would remain at $45.

The Spirit Air spokeswoman commented, “We don't want any of our customers to wait until they get to the boarding gate to pay for their carry-on bags as this delays the boarding process for everyone. We expect that our new $100 fee charged for those who wait until they get to the gate will ensure that customers purchase their bags before arriving at the gate.”

In order for passengers to save money, the website advised them to paying the fees in airport kiosks, which will be $40 for a carry-on. However, once November 6 comes around that fee will increase to $50. The executive of Bestfares.com, Tom Parsons, stated that these fees are unbelievable and a form of ‘skyway robbery’. He continued to say that, “Many people won't realize the fee until they get to the gate.”

In the past few years, airlines have started charging for services that use to be free. For example, non-alcoholic beverages and pet travel were once free of charge. However, now with the sinking economy, airlines are trying to break even by charging ridiculous fees. At the rate these airlines are moving, vacationing will soon be on the bottom of everyone’s list.

To those who wish to travel but are unable to because of ridiculous maintenance fees, contact Transfer Smart today. 

Thousands of timeshare owners have already fallen victim to the recurring scam that takes an upfront fee for timeshare sales that never happen. These con artists are aware of how desperate these owners are trying to get rid of their timeshares.  

One couple, Doug and Armelita Stoddard, bought a one-bedroom timeshare for $15,000 in Napa Valley and rarely use it. When Doug was let go from his job, he searched online for ways to sell his unused timeshare so that he could use that money while looking for another job. After researching online, he hired AAA Timeshare Inc. to help him sell his timeshare. Within a couple of weeks, the company called Doug and told him that they had a buyer waiting to purchase the timeshare. The only thing Doug had to do was pay $3,000 to cover the paperwork and processing fees. However, once the company received the checks, Doug never heard from them again.

Doug commented, “They were so convincing. They had an answer for every skeptical question I had."

The couple lost $3,000 in addition to the $800 they still had to pay for yearly timeshare fees. If Doug had done a little more research, he would have discovered that AAA Timeshare Inc. has an F rating with the BBB as well as negative comments.

President of the Northeast California Better Business Bureau, Gary Almond, commented, “The minute (con artists) figured out time shares were worthless, up sprang these companies offering to find you a buyer.”

To avoid being scammed you must always be weary of companies who ask for an upfront fee. In most cases, these companies will use the term processing fee or paperwork fees. However, Transfer Smart hopes that timeshare owners are now more aware of the scams out there. 


Alaska Airlines is about to be more accommodating to some of their most beloved travelers, pets.

On August 9th, the air carrier announced a complimentary veterinarian visit meant to acclimatize pets to the stresses of air travel. The airline flew over 80,000 pets last year, and knows that this is a beloved but often mistreated passenger on their airlines. They announced a partnership with Banfield Pet Hospital, which has 20,000 locations nationwide.

Their website offers a $10 off coupon on any pet’s visit and a helpful locater application. Alaska Airlines is proud to be one of the few airlines that allows pets in the cabin during flight, including cats, dogs and birds. Pet in cabin or pet in baggage are the same price: $100/each flight. All animals must remain in kennels or cages. Check the Alaska Airlines site on pet travel for more details.

Love your puppy but hate your timeshare? Of course. One is loyal to a fault, and one you just couldn't get rid of.... till now. The Transfer Smart team will get you out of your timeshare with an IN-WRITING Guarantee.

A handful of developers want to turn Europe into the new gambling capital of the world. Transfer Smart reports.

Exuding confidence and clarity, Jim Edgeron of the renowned timeshare sales group “Edge Timeshares” says the new gambling capitals of the world will be found in either China, Europe, or both.

Eurovegas is the term coined by Sheldon Adelson, owner of Las Vegas Sands Corporation and most profitable American of the last three years.

Sands Co. is known for their timeshare resorts in Las Vegas and Macau, the former Portuguese colony found on the southeastern coast of China.

Spain is the likely target for Eurovegas. It would create jobs and bring much needed money to cash-strapped Spain, who along with Ireland and Greece has been one of the weakest performing European economies. In fact, it’s Spain’s depressed economy that is allowing the idea of Eurovegas to gain traction. Spain’s unemployment rate stands at a staggering 23% as of this writing.

The Spanish government is expected to rule on the matter of legal gambling in the country within the next two months.


Horseshoe Resort, Barrie, ON.

The Horseshoe Resort, a timeshare resort one hour north of Toronto, Canada, has been forcing out owners by exponentially raising their maintenance fees year by year, going as high as $28,000 per week for the resorts final remaining timeshare contract holders.

Skyline International Development (SID), a privately-held Canadian investment company, bought Horseshoe Resort in 2008 and immediately began raising yearly maintenance fees in an effort to push out timeshare contract holders at the resort.

Yearly fees per week per timeshare baveraged $435 in 2009, then rose to $709 in 2010, and rose again to $1108 last year. Timeshare owners’ numbers dwindled to 18. Skyline raised rates and then accepted ownership back from owners who couldn’t or wouldn’t pay. The differences were passed on to holders who still had timeshare contracts. Many of them then defaulted, continuing the snowball effect.

Unlike many timeshare resorts, Horseshoe began accepting contracts back from contract holders. This led 250 of the lodges’ leaseholders to file a lawsuit against SID, claiming they were forced out of their timeshares. When you’re ready to get out of your timeshare, contact the Transfer Smart experts. We can advise you on different exit options to sell your timeshare, transfer your timeshare, or donate your timeshare.


InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) is opening the Hualuxe hotel brand in China with the distinct mission of becoming a Chinese-based brand. The focus of the brand image will be Chinese luxury, which coincides with the name Hua, which means majestic in Chinese. Timeshares will be sold at the Hualuxe locations.

Instead of lobbies there will be gardens; instead of bars the hotels will have tea shops; the bathrooms will look more like saunas, and there will be slippers and tea kettles in all rooms. This copies typical Chinese high-end hotels such as the Mandarin Oriental’s in Hong Kong and Macau and the Hangzhou Aman Fayun in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. 

Though IHG is based in London, their numbers state that China is the world’s largest expanding economy. This means not only is Chinese domestic spending up, but their people are traveling at higher rates than ever before. As China opens up to the rest of the world, and becomes a leader in manufacture and defense spending, the Chinese middle class is traveling more than ever. IHG sees this as an opportunity to offer these consumers with new-found wealth the opportunity to enjoy world-class lodging with a more domestic feel. They will then bring that Asian feel to new Hualuxe locations around the world. In line with their idea of starting an organic brand in China and earning Chinese domestic business than overseas business, IHG will open up Hualuxe Hotels in tourist spots that are popular with Chinese tourists, including Taiwan, Los Angeles, California, and London, England.

IHG has seen incredible profit margins in China. They earned almost $2 billion in 2011, a 100% jump from just two years earlier.