While vacationing in Mazatlan, a couple was seduced into purchasing a timeshare and paid $10,000 to get their timeshare in a prime location. They were promised a rebate of $6,000 but after waiting, it never came. Catharine Raig and her husband, John Garvey, had no idea they were scammed until they returned from their vacation and looked over the contract. The representative who helped them stated that they would have two weeks at the timeshare resort verbally but it was not stated in the contract. In addition, they also realized, shamefully, that they did not even read the contract before signing it.

Raig commented, “They tell you right at the beginning if you don't sign this deal is off. That's what they tell you. You can't take it home, look it over and then come back.”

After trying to reach the company multiple times with no answer, the couple looked up the company online. The Residents Club La Jolla had dozens of unhappy customers and bad reviews. The BBB has warned timeshare owners to be weary of high promises and deals high pressure sales. Make sure to take your time reading through the contract and never bend to purchasing a deal on the spot. Transfer Smart is a company dedicated in helping timeshare owners out of their timeshare. They have already helped hundreds of people, so give them a call and see what they can do for you. 


Alaska Airlines is about to be more accommodating to some of their most beloved travelers, pets.

On August 9th, the air carrier announced a complimentary veterinarian visit meant to acclimatize pets to the stresses of air travel. The airline flew over 80,000 pets last year, and knows that this is a beloved but often mistreated passenger on their airlines. They announced a partnership with Banfield Pet Hospital, which has 20,000 locations nationwide.

Their website offers a $10 off coupon on any pet’s visit and a helpful locater application. Alaska Airlines is proud to be one of the few airlines that allows pets in the cabin during flight, including cats, dogs and birds. Pet in cabin or pet in baggage are the same price: $100/each flight. All animals must remain in kennels or cages. Check the Alaska Airlines site on pet travel for more details.

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A handful of developers want to turn Europe into the new gambling capital of the world. Transfer Smart reports.

Exuding confidence and clarity, Jim Edgeron of the renowned timeshare sales group “Edge Timeshares” says the new gambling capitals of the world will be found in either China, Europe, or both.

Eurovegas is the term coined by Sheldon Adelson, owner of Las Vegas Sands Corporation and most profitable American of the last three years.

Sands Co. is known for their timeshare resorts in Las Vegas and Macau, the former Portuguese colony found on the southeastern coast of China.

Spain is the likely target for Eurovegas. It would create jobs and bring much needed money to cash-strapped Spain, who along with Ireland and Greece has been one of the weakest performing European economies. In fact, it’s Spain’s depressed economy that is allowing the idea of Eurovegas to gain traction. Spain’s unemployment rate stands at a staggering 23% as of this writing.

The Spanish government is expected to rule on the matter of legal gambling in the country within the next two months.