One of Africa’s most impoverished nations is not at the top of many people’s travel lists. But those who are willing to take the risk and adhere to certain precautions can find an exotic vacation with just the right kind of danger. Chad became a democracy in 2010 and this has brought peace to the country after a bloody Civil War and years of conflict.

The capital city of N’Djamena offers streets filled with houses from French colonial times. Chad’s history dates from before 2000 BCE, and many ancient human artifacts and dinosaur bones are on display at the Musee National N'Djamena. No visit to Chad would be complete without a day spent at Lake Chad, the country’s namesake and Africa’s largest freshwater river. Crocodile, hippos and many birds call the lake home. The country’s best hotel is the Le Meridien Chari. The Gala Brewery in Mondo brews one of Chad’s best beers. And the Parc National Zakouma is Chad’s first national park, and has lion, giraffe, cheetahs and leopards as well as many other large mammals. Since tourist accommodations are sparse, be sure to plan ahead.

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